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Building generational wealth through cryptocurrency, economics and CBD/Hemp - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!!!


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Crypto Consultant "Granny Crypto," LLC was launched out of my own frustrations when looking for help to manage all matters relating to finance,   wealth building and better health for myself and my family.  This service will address and give suggestions on how some of these tasks can be managed based on my personal experiences and talking with professionals, friends and colleagues.  Crypto Consultant "Granny Crypto," LLC is a one stop website to give suggestions on how you can successfully navigate through areas of wealth building and healthy benefits that you may realize through the use of cryptocurrency, economics, CBD/hemp and other herbs/natural remedies (Before ingesting any herbs or supplements, always check with your medical provider first.)  which you may have doubted you are capable of doing.  We need to focus on a healthy mind and body to build generational wealth.


The aim of Crypto Consultant "Granny Crypto,"  LLC is to educate you in a relaxed and non-intimidating environment remotely or face-to-face where you can learn at your own pace.  One tends to be more receptive to learning in this kind of setting.   Contact me for our pricing schedule.  If you require a slower pace, one-on-one learning, this can be arranged also.   Crypto Consultant "Granny Crypto," LLC provides educational  services on the following topics:

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Real Estate (residential)
  • Estate Planning
  • Building and Keeping Good Credit
  • Setting-up Exchange Accounts and Security
  • Setting-up Wallets
  • Economics
  • Managing Bank Accounts
  •  Stocks, 40lk, 403b, etc
  • and we have added a healthy living component through the use of hemp products

As the Principal of Crypto Consultant "Granny Crypto," LLC,  I hold a B.S. and MBA in Business.  I am a licensed  Real Estate Agent in the State of Maryland  for 31 years and was licensed to sell in Pennsylvania.  I taught high school Business and Mathematics in Maryland for 36 years and was licensed to teach in Pennsylvania and Georgia.  I have been a manager in a major retail store where I was responsible for a budget of $3.5M and supervised 15 employees.  I became a CBD distributor for Sunjoined in June, 2019.

I am divorced and have one daughter who is an Engineer and has her IT Consulting Firm.

DISCLAIMER:  Crypto Consultant "Granny Crypto," LLC is not a financial adviser nor are we offering financial advice.  We are providing information only.  If you have financial questions, please seek out a Financial Planner or a Certified Public Accountant.  If you require legal services, please seek a competent attorney.  Before ingesting anything, always check with your medical provider first.



Before taking any medication or supplements, always check with your medical provider.

What is CBD?

 CBD is short for cannabidiol.  CBD is one  of many cannabinoids or molecules produced uniquely by the cannabis family.  Every variety of the cannabis family produces cannabidiols, including hemp.  CBD will not get you high.

What is CBD Oil made from?

CBD oil is made from the flower and/or stalk.  At Sunjoined, our CBD oil is made from the flower using cryo-ethonal to extract the cannabinoids from the plant.  The oil is then sent to a third party testing lab.  We have placed a QR Code on each bottle that will allow you to scan it to see the science of what is inside the bottle along with an authenticity certificate.

How much CBD should I take?

Each person's needs are different.  Some suggested dosages are listed below.  You may have to increase or decrease the dosage to get your optimal amount:

                                                                          17mg.......................... 2 droppers twice per day

                                                                          33mg.......................... 2 droppers once per day

                                                                          50mg.......................... 1 dropper once per day


Cannafresh Flavor CBD Oil
Cannafresh Flavor CBD Oil
Watermelon Flavor CBD Oil
Watermelon Flavor CBD Oil
Watermelon Flavor CBD Oil
Lemonade Flavor CBD Oil
Lemonade Flavor CBD Oil
White Ginger Hemp Tea
CBD Lotion by S’Hemply Made

S’Hemply Made CBD Bar Soap


What is Cryptocurrency?

Please highlight this link and select lookup:



 Thank you for helping me to setup my first Cryptocurrency Wallet and the impressive first deposit you gave me.  You made the process very easy.

Thomas, NY

Thank you for introducing me to Cryptocurrency and helping me to setup my Exchange account, as well as my Wacoinda Wallet.  You made the process effortless.  The deposit you gave me was awesome.

Susan, MD

Thank you for walking me through opening an Exchange account and purchasing Cryptocurrency.  Giving me advice on  keeping  my Public and Private keys safe, as well as, setting up the Wacoinda Wallet.  The education you shared with me on Estate Planning was invaluable.  That deposit I saw in my Wallet was unbelievable.

Falecia, MD

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